Jumat, 16 Januari 2009

Ringtone for Gaza

I never thought I would meet the day where I would be editing an MP3. Up until today, my interest in MP3 was not much. I don't really like to hear songs anyway. Only selected few can show up in my playlist.

Yesterday I downloaded We Will Not Go Down from Michael Heart official website. I listened to that song a couple of times. I really liked that song and decided to add it to my playlist. Hurray!!! :)

Next thing I know, I wanted to set that song as my cellphone's ringtone. Unfortunately I don't want the whole song as my ringtone. So I started Googling for free and reliable MP3 editor. From Google, I stumbled upon Music Editor Free.

That was it. That was the one I'm looking for. It was easy to use. The interface was easy to comprehend and the help was quite helpful. I got a decent grip on the application in no time.

Editing Michael Heart's We Will Not Go Down was easy. I simply select the part of song that I want. Cut here. Trim there. Add a little fade in effect and voila! I have my ringtone. :)

One thing that's lacking from Music Editor Free was I cannot save the file as MP3. I can only save it in WAV format. That means excessive file size. Next step was to find a WAV to MP3 converter. Using Google, I came across FreeMp3/Wma/Ogg Converter. I used this application to convert WAV to MP3 in a snap.

Result? Click the play button in the embedded player below to listen to the ringtone I made. It's not coming from an expert but I'm satisfied with what I've produced. Hopefully it's legal. :)

In case you're interested, you can download it here: http://www.4shared.com/file/80844593/5aae0222/MichaelHeart_WeWillNotGoDown_Edit1.html

Many thanks to Michael Heart for publishing his song for free.

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  1. mir, pake audacity jg bs, gretongan, open source, lgsg 1 pake lengkap :D

  2. Thanks for the tips, Mr. Anonymous. I'm downloading Audacity right now. :)

  3. OK. I've tested Audacity and I'm satisfied. The most important part was because I can export the audio directly to MP3. That is on one condition. I need to have the library of LAME MP3 Encoder. Audacity uses that library to encode exported audio to MP3 format.

    If you're interested in Audacity, you can download it from Audacity @sourceforge.net. Then you should download LAME Binaries @rarewares.org.

    A little note about Audacity. I can edit more than one audio track at the same time with different modification. Then I can export them into a single mixed audio track. I find this very handy if I were to edit more than one audio track. I don't think Music Editor Free supports this. Hurray for Audacity!!! :)