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Google Search Result Collaboration

Official Google Blog: SearchWiki: make search your own

There was this one time when I caught a glimpse of a strange looking Google search result. Back then I only noticed that there are small icons next to the links. I didn't really give it much attention especially because I never saw it anymore.

It turns out that it was a new feature from Google called SearchWiki. This feature allows you to modify your search results, i.e. promoting, removing, and making notes on each link shown in the search results.

I emphasize on the word "your search results" because promoting, removing, and commenting on any links can only be done when you're signed-in to your Google Account. Other than that, based on my experience, there's another catch to access this feature. It seems this feature is not accessible through even if I'm signed-in.

That's why I only saw it once before. This is because every time I'm searching through Google, I always got redirected to even though I'm already signed-in to my Google Account.

For the sake of testing, I took my time to access my Gmail and then click the "Web" link located on top on the Gmail interface to access I tried searching for "manga". A sample of the search result is shown in the image below.

I marked the image with two red arrows. The above points to the "promote" and "remove" icon. The lower one points to the "comment" icon. Clicking "promote" will put the link next to the icon to the top of the search result while clicking "remove" means throwing the link away. Clicking "comment" would obviously popped-up a text box to add your comments about the link.

I advise you not to abuse this feature like removing a link because of hatred or anything as such. :)

We can manage our search result in anyway we want. Plus it is a good thing that even though it only affect our own search result, we can see a collective result of any promoting, removing, and comments from other Google users. Just look for the "See all notes for this SearchWiki" link around the bottom of the search result. Clicking that link will show us all relevant actions recorded using SearchWiki.

That's all I can explain about Google SearchWiki. Now for the questions. One, will this feature replaces Google PageRank? I don't know about replacing, but I'm sure this feature brings a new method of search result promotion. So is this feature going to start a new Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique? I can't really say, but I think the possibility are high. SEO providers will have another instrument to promote any links they want. One thing's for sure, Google Search now involves human interaction and opinion in promoting links in its search result.

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