Kamis, 15 Januari 2009

Gazans Will Not Go Down

The song composed by Michael Heart, We Will Not Go Down (Song for Gaza), was warm and touching. I can almost feel his sympathy towards the war occurring on Gaza.

If you're Indonesian and curious of what Michael's song mean in Bahasa Indonesia, then feel free to look at the translation I made here.

Michael did his part to save the humanity in Gaza. He composed that song and decided to donate the sale to charity to help Palestinian in Gaza. When he bumped into technical complication, he decided to share that song for free and encouraged the people who downloaded his song to also donate to help Palestinian in Gaza.

He did his part to help the victims of war in Gaza. I did my part in donating some money through local (Indonesia) aid organizations called MER-C. The future are still open for more donations. What about you? Have you donate anything to help civilians in Gaza?

I seriously hope that Gaza will not be brought down and Israel would realize that their actions are not justifiable with a mere reason of "stopping rocket attacks from Gaza to Israel". I seriously hope that the world leaders would take stronger actions towards the war in Gaza instead of making peace resolutions that in the end will be deemed "unworkable".

We Will Not Go Down is not just about saving Palestinian from Israel attacks. It's about the struggle of helpless civilians facing the attacks form one of the largest army on this planet. It's about the civilians survival from disguised genocide.

My highest appreciation to Michael Heart for his song and sympathy and to any of you who seriously wanted to help Palestinian civilians from the cruel attacks of Israel tanks and airplanes.

More on We Will Not Go Down through Michael Heart's website: http://www.michaelheart.com/Song_for_Gaza.html.

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