Rabu, 22 Juli 2009

The End of Piracy

Mininova has long had a policy to remove torrents pointing to illegal materials based on requests. The Pirate Bay -the new one- has officially announced their first step for their legal content distribution campaign by implementing a fee-based content distribution system. Google also removes any links pointing to illegal materials on their search result based on requests.

All that was just a fraction of anti-piracy actions to suppress the illegal distribution of copyrighted material. However, are these actions justifies the statement that piracy will finally meet its end? For some people, this might be a rhetorical question. We can easily find discussions -or should I say an endless debate- regarding this matter on the Internet. Some people said YES, some people said NO. Currently, I'm on the side saying NO.

When sites like The Pirate Bay or Mininova starts making limitations such as the ones I mention above, I believe most of their loyal users would go out and find another similar-yet-not-so-annoying websites. At the very least, all these users might end up using Google Search instead. Why don't you go and try a Google-based Torrent Search Engine for a test-ride.

If you ask me, this game of Tom and Jerry will lasts forever. Copyright owners (Tom) will chase down every single THING -I'm open for possibilities- that's illegally distributing their materials. Next thing you know, another Jerry popped-out of nowhere. Just like the original Tom and Jerry, the chase will never stop.

* Image grabbed from http://www.homepagedaily.com/

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