Sabtu, 18 Juli 2009

Parenting - Year 2

As of yesterday, Raito and Aidan was officially alive for 365 days in a row. That means today is the first day towards the second year of my hardships parenting life. Today should be the day where I learn past parenting mistakes so that I will be able to prevent them from happening in the future. However, this post was not meant to share such things. In this post, I feel like sharing the growth progress of Raito and Aidan.

Around a month ago, I wrote similar stuff about Raito and Aidan. In this post, I'll just share some updates and maybe more details on how those twins grew up. It might be interesting if we look at the fact that they are twins.

I've mentioned earlier in this blog that Raito and Aidan are Fraternal Twins. They are far from identical. Even strangers could tell them apart in no time. Have a look at their pictures below. Raito is the one on the left. Both pictures were taken around a month after they were born.

If, for instance, both of them got separated before they understand that they're brothers and then they were reunited more than a decade in the future, I'm sure they won't notice that they are twins. As they grow older, it is to be expected that they become less and less look like each other.

Back to their growth progress, both of them actually differs from one another. I'll start with the basic, that is weight and height. Aidan is a little taller, bigger, and heavier than Raito. Last time they were checked, Aidan left Raito by 0.9 kg. Why such a big gap? They did share the same food and milk. They even had the exact same eating schedule. The reason for such a big gap remains a mystery. All that really matters is that both of them are healthy.

Being smaller does not necessarily grows slower. Raito was the first to be able to make sounds. At that time, it felt like Raito was able to respond when someone talks to him. If I remember correctly, Raito was able to smile back at other people. Aidan, on the other hand, remained silent all the while giving a gloomy expression. Fortunately, as of today, both of them are considerably responsive.

Although Aidan is a little late in terms of speaking, he is able to went ahead of Raito in terms of movement. Aidan was first to be able to roll, crawl, or walk although Raito was not that far behind. As of today, Aidan is able to walk without any help while Raito still needs someone to hold him while he walk.

However, even though Aidan is more capable in moving his body, I noticed that Raito was much better in holding objects in his hand. Raito had quite a good grip when he's holding something. That same something would be easier to slip away in Aidan's hand. One of the funny thing regarding this matter is that Aidan had difficulties in controlling his throw. When Aidan is trying to throw something, that something might end up thrown backward or sometimes upward and then went back down to hit Aidan's head. It was hilarious.

That's all I can share for now. I might share more about this in the future. One thing is for sure, twins does not necessarily grow in similar speed or phase. Though this might be true for identical twins, all twins basically have their own life apart from their twin brothers or sisters. They might have some kind of special bond between each other, but that does not mean they MUST be considered as one.

This post was not meant to compare Raito and Aidan. This post was actually written to prove the point that twins shouldn't always be considered as the same human beings between one and another. This might not be easy for identical twins, but I stand by my opinion that twins should be treated as single individuals without always being attached to their twin brothers or sisters.

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  1. So, which one of them resembles you more, or each of them resembles different part of you ;)

  2. My beautiful wife said that Aidan looks almost exactly like me except for the eyes. The opposite goes for Raito. :)

    The unique combination in both of them lies on the hair, Bro. This is our hair type combination:
    - Me: thick and straight,
    - Beautiful Wife: thin and wavy,
    - Raito: thin and straight,
    - Aidan: thick and wavy.