Selasa, 30 Juni 2009

Blogging Anniversary 1

I have a bad habit of migrating from one blog to another. Although I tend to call it migration, it's more like deleting the old one and creating a new one. Thus if you take a quick peek on my blog archive, you'll notice that my first post was back in June 2008 -around a year ago.

I've "migrated" so many times that I've lost count. The only address I remember was -the blog I'm using before this one. The only reason I remember that blog was because I'm still using it as my blog aggregator.

When I started this blog, sikluskehidupan was not yet deleted. I've kept some drafts in it because I'm planning to re-post them in this blog. When I decided to create more blogs, I decided to have sikluskehidupan acting as my personal aggregator.

Even though that, the aggregator was nothing like a typical aggregator. I actually made a summary of every published post from all my blogs, i.e.,,, and, and publish that summary in sikluskehidupan. Lame, huh? :)

Nevertheless, it served the purpose as an entry point to all my blogs. Whenever I wanted to submit my blogs to any public (and obviously relevant) aggregator out there, I simply submit sikluskehidupan.

I guess that's enough story from the past. Currently I wanted to congratulate myself for keeping asyafrudin alive for one year. To tell you the truth, I nearly migrated again. Fortunately I came to a conclusion that the effort for such migrations was just too much -and of course not really worth it.

Hopefully this blog will continue to live without going through another migration. I even planned to integrate all my other blogs to asyafrudin and have sikluskehidupan removed once and for all. Well that's all in the future so I don't really have to write about it now.

So it should be happy anniversary for asyafrudin. Hopefully new and useful posts will be published through this blog in the future as I aspire to be a useful person myself. Be on the look out for new posts, or maybe not. It's up to you. :D

Happy birthday asyafrudin!

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  1. can't wait for another great post :D

  2. Great post, Bro? You might wanna check next door. I don't think I can provide anything great in here. :)

    Thanks for the visit.

  3. Insya Allah. Terima kasih atas support-nya. Post ini kok jadi serius ya? :p