Senin, 25 Mei 2009

The One Thing I Liked About Chrome

Google Chrome Blog: A Speedier Google Chrome for all users

I've been using Chrome for quite some time. It's nice to have another browser alternative other than Firefox. Although my primary browsing option is still Firefox, I also used Chrome from time to time. It is fortunate that the Chrome I installed never crashed when I'm using it.

The good news is, the Google Chrome team, has fixed 300 bugs in their latest update. 300 is quite a number. I guess the previous Chrome was more like a lair of bugs disguising as a browser.

Chrome now has more features, faster, and stable. You can read more about it in Google Chrome Blog or in The Official Google Blog. However, the only thing I liked about chrome was their idea to put the tab bar in the title bar. It's small but it's a great idea. I don't see any browser doing this. That's why Chrome had more space compared to other browser.

With the tab bar goes in the title bar, Chrome only needs to show the navigation bar. It has a bookmark bar but that's hidden by default. Status bar are there only when there's a status to be shown. I guess it's not exaggerating to claim that Chrome is "clean".

If you're interested in Chrome, check out these 11 short films about a browser, i.e. Chrome. They are unique, funny, and absolutely worth your time. One of the film which idea made an impression on me was the one that defines a browser as something that made the user super-duper happy. See for yourself.

2 komentar:

  1. cuma aku masih bingung ma beberapa shortcut di kibord

  2. Kebanyakan shortcut untuk Chrome itu mirip dengan shortcut di Firefox, misalnya Crtl+T untuk membuka Tab baru. Sampai saat ini sih saya belum pernah merasa terganggu dengan shortcut. Mungkin karena saya juga jarang menggunakan shortcut selain Ctrl+T, Ctrl+C, dan Ctrl+V. :)